deskbe blog

Welcome to the launching of my new blog site: Deskbe and my very first blog post. You guys can call me deskbe and I would love to share with you my knowledge on the following:  Adobe Illustrator Design, Photography, Gadget Reviews, Gaming, Fitness, and Finance. I know it’s a bunch of topics to cover in my blog and will take a  tremendous effort to write all the content needed.

Why did I start this blog?

I used to have a design blog way back in 2010. It also focused on similar topics but unfortunately, the niche I chose was no longer supported, Adobe Fireworks, and I felt undetermined in writing new content. Back then I didn’t think of my site as a blog but a mix of my portfolio and other pages, the blogging part just came around after seeing other design blogs as well. The site was also bloated with different WordPress plugins and errors, I kept using other themes to try things out.

Now, I have learned from my previous mistakes. I will try to make the site consistent with new posts at least once a week or do something like Photography Wednesday, or like a free illustrator file giveaway on a Monday. Writing for me is not one of my greatest assets and I hope this blog can help me improve for the better. So if you think I made a grammatical error please let me know so I can correct it.