Subnautica Seamoth

Subnautica is an open world survival game created by developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Released earlier this year, it was an accident that I stumbled upon this game from a post on Reddit. It was a free pc download a few days ago so I decided to give it a try and I was surprised it’s a well-polished game. The story starts when a ship crash lands in an unknown planet composed mostly of water. Alone, hungry and scared, your task is to build objects using the fabricator and find a way back home.

I’m not going to discuss story spoilers here but most things I like and don’t like about the game.


Looking for food and water is annoying. You are constantly watching over your health, water, and food intake. I know it’s a survival game but the water level goes down really fast, finding resources to survive becomes repetitive that it might discourage players from finishing the game.

Lack of a variety of creatures. I was hoping to see an additional 10 – 20 more creatures to interact with.


Subnautica Inventory

Lack of customization. This is both good and bad. Subnautica should have added more items to create for both your character, the vehicles,  and your bases. It would have been nice to change the color of your suit or your weapons. Maybe a harpoon or a nice aqua submachine gun in the next update perhaps?

Combat is average. Those expecting to fight tons of creatures with your weapons will end up being disappointed. Combat is avoidable since you can just run away from your enemies. The game requires you to move carefully especially in the deeper areas.


Customization. The game’s base building is like Minecraft but with better graphics. I love how the base sections, game interface,  vehicles, and fabricated items look in the game. It is futuristic and it looks amazing. If you look at most base building games out there and compare it to Subnautica, you’ll probably say Subnatica definitely looks and feels better. Half of the hours you spend on the game would probably be customizing how your base looks, from choosing the chairs, posters or the location of your base. My only wish is that they would add more buildable items in the future.

Story Progression. You start off looking for resources and looking at your escape pod and wondering if you can build a nice looking base. The game rewards you with a sense of accomplishment after finishing missions and searching for resources. The more time you spend on the game, the better your character and your base will become.

Subnautica Cyclops

Subnautica Cyclops

Vehicles. The vehicles are your main mode of transportation in the game, without them you cannot finish the game especially when the mission requires you to go to a deeper area. Entering and exiting the Seamoth, for example, has smooth animation, and driving it feels like a road trip you never want to end except it’s underwater lol.

Game Tips

If you’re new to the game follow these tips to make things easier.

Search resources and save them in lockers. When you’re not in a mission, try to search as many resources as possible and keep them inside lockers. Especially for those resources that can only be found in certain or deeper areas.

Save the game frequently in unknown or deeper areas. If your health, water, or oxygen level goes 0, you will lose the items that you just farmed in your inventory. So let’s say you’re planning to go to a difficult zone and you encounter a monster that’s destroying your Seamoth. Your only escape is to dodge and hoping it turns away, but that rarely happens as you’ll end up getting devoured and will respawn back to your base. So the solution? If you just died just quit the game, it will revert back to the last time you saved the game, like 2 minutes. This is important because once your Seamoth or vehicle is destroyed, you will have to build it again.

Beacons. You can finish the game without using beacons, but it will easier to spot the deeper areas if you place them.

Subnautica Plants

Subnautica Plants

Get plants. You can get food and water from catching and cooking fishes but I strongly advise you to go to the floating island and get some seeds as early as possible. Some plants increase both food and water so this will save you a lot of trouble finding resources to survive. All you need to do is put them in pots and harvest if you need them.

Build your base close to the escape pod. The escape pod has it’s own solar power supply and provides first aid kits. If you want to craft something and your base runs out of power, you can always use the escape pod.

I highly suggest buying this game as it currently being discounted at 50 percent in steam. Steam Page.